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Antidepressants not as effective as previously tho

May 16, 2016 Julia Medew Health Editor, The Sydney Morning Herald Australian doctors are being urged to scale back their prolific ... Read more

GlaxoSmithKline to face class action over anti-dep

March 11, 2016 Bianca Hall Legal Affairs Reporter for The Age A Sydney law firm has launched a class action on be... Read more

Doctor warns of ADHD medication misuse from over d

ABC news 7 March 2016 A Newcastle researcher says the overuse of psycho-stimulants to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ... Read more

Kids on antidepressants may self-harm

The Mercury January 28, 2016 Children who are prescribed a common antidepressant could be at a higher risk of suicide ... Read more

Shocking statistics reveal children as young as tw

By Rachel Eddie For Daily Mail Australia Published: 15:17 EST, 10 January 2016 Children as young as two are being ... Read more

Mental health experts call for greater monitoring

Mental health experts call for greater monitoring of restraint techniques ABC news 5 January 2016 Mental health experts are calling for ... Read more

Antidepressants and Suicide Risk 18 September 2015 An Australian team of lawyers is preparing a compensation claim against antidepressant drugs. Click here to read the full st... Read more

British Medical Journal study into paroxetine, Aro

September 17, 2015 Amy Corderoy Health Editor, Sydney Morning Herald Thousands of prescriptions of a dangerous depression drug that may cause ... Read more

New Royal Adelaide Hospital mental health unit pro

By Tom Fedorowytsch ABC news 28 Jun 2015 Mental health patients might no longer be shackled in emergency departments ... Read more

Shock therapy figures spiking

May 17, 2015 Farrah Tomazin - The Sunday Age's state political editor. The use of shock therapy to treat mental ... Read more

What Really Goes on at Headspace

By Anonymous on May 12, 2015 But headspace has failed me, and I know it has failed others. At ... Read more

Fears of long-term effects of anti-psychotic drugs

EXCLUSIVE Carleen Frost From: The Daily Telegraph May 04, 2015 THE number of NSW preschoolers being prescribed antipsychotic drugs ... Read more


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How Has The Queensland Mental Health Law Been Improved?

The final Mental Health bill passed in QLD Parliament on 18 February 2016. There have been many different draft mental health acts/whitepapers for a new Queensland Mental Health Act since mid-2013.  Due to community input, some significant advances were made in improving human rights of patients, increased oversight and review, along with shorter times to come before the Tribunal. These improvements lower the potential for patient abuse and trauma.  However major parts of the law have remained in place in violation of the United ... Read more

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Psychiatric Labelling and Drugging of Australian Children: The Facts

There has been a dramatic increase in the psychiatric labelling and prescription of psychotropic drugs to Australian children. Parents have a right to know of all the alternatives and potential side-effects of psychotropic drugs proposed for their children so they can give fully informed consent. Yet there are many facts about these drugs, including dangerous side-effects, parents and others who are responsible for the welfare of these children are just not being told. There are no blood tests, X-rays or other physical tests ... Read more

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Victorian Mental Health Act Allows Children of Any Age to Consent to Electroshock, Psychiatric Drugs and Psychosurgery Without Parental Consent

Below are areas of grave concern in the current Victorian Mental Health Act that need to be changed to protect children and parental rights:  CHILDREN CAN CONSENT TO ELECTROSHOCK (ECT): In this day and age, it is appalling that the law allows for children to be electroshocked – the brutal application of hundreds of volts of electricity to the head potentially causing brain damage, memory loss and sometimes death. The World Health Organization stated, “There are no indications for the use of ECT ... Read more

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Electroshock and Psychiatric Drugging of Children Without Parental Consent is Legal in the NSW Mental Health Act

Please take action to protect children and parental rights. ELECTROSHOCK OF NSW CHILDREN:  It is appalling that the current Mental Health Act allows for children to be electroshocked (ECT) – the brutal application of hundreds of volts of electricity to the head potentially causing brain damage, memory loss and sometimes death. There are no bans to prevent its use on children in NSW. This is despite the fact the World Health Organization stated, “There are no indications for the use of ECT on ... Read more

Has Your Son Or A Boy You Know Taken Risperdal®?

CCHR asks for parents to come forward about sons who may be suffering a serious, antipsychotic drug side effect: growth of female breasts. Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) Australia has launched a nationwide campaign reaching out to parents of boys that may be victims of the antipsychotic drug, Risperdal (risperidone) and suffering from gynaecomastia, a condition where boys grow female breasts.  Risperdal may increase the amount of a hormone (prolactin) in blood that can cause a disturbing growth of breasts, requiring a ... Read more

CCHR Lodges Submission on Child Suicide and Self Harm to Australian Children’s Commissioner

There have been over 1,100 adverse reactions reported to Australia's drug regulatory agency for suicide, suicidal thoughts and behaviour and self-harm. These include the suicides of a 9 year old while on an ADHD drug and 2 suicides for children aged between 10 & 19 linked to antidepressants. Antidepressants have both Australian and International Government warnings for the risk of suicidal behaviour. No antidepressant in Australia has been registered by the Federal Government for use in children under 18 for depression yet in ... Read more

the bottom line

With over 600,000 prescriptions a year internationally, psychiatry is one of the world’s most lucrative businesses. But what about the more than 470,000 adverse reactions each year or the 90,000 emergency room visits that occur internationally? Help us end psychiatric abuse.”


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